CHOP ZUEY COUTURE “In Memory of a WaterMelon Fascinator”,VANITY HAIR,MADRID SOLO

In Memory of a WaterMelon Fascinator

HAT:CHOP ZUEY COUTURE “In Memory of a WaterMelon Fascinator”



Dear artists,

we are almost done and the event will open

Monday, June 17th at 2 PM SLT.

Here is the event poster:

Art in Hats  - Hats in Art Invitation

Please feel free to post in your Facebook, blog, Flickr,… and to use the poster for invitations. Of course you can post your works too. But dear photographers, make sure that your images on sale here not can be downloaded elsewhere.

Please use ONLY THIS LANDMARK for invitations

The gallery spreads on 2 parcels and the other parcel has a fixed landing spot.


Vendor set up:

If not yet done you have to set up your vendors. Please ask Quan Lavender or Annough Lykin for group invitation to rez.

If possible we prefer the hats itself as vendors. The exhibition should not look as a shop. Have in mind that you have to place a profit splitter

Builders: Change the price in line 2 into your price. Please have no text in the object description of the vendor as it creates a floating text which we try to avoid. Then place the script with the object into your vendor. Make sure that you accept the script and allow access in local chat. Otherwhise it is offline, as to be seen as floating text. Change “Click to” to pay and you are done.

Photographers, most of you gave us the textures and we placed the images. You should replace them by your own prims too as you get the payment directly. Same procedure as described above. Make sure that you don’t give the images full perm. copy/mod or mod/trans is fine. Otherwise you get your 70% via Quan Lavender.


Visitors contest:

the visitors will receive a basic Cloche-Hat full perm as gift which they can decorate and take a photo of or with it. They may pass the texture to Quan Lavender and can take part of the visitors contest. The winners (places 1 to 3) will be nominated by 50% public voting and 50% judging panel.

AVENUE generously sponsors the 1st prize: A full tuition voucher to AVENUE Models Academy: “At AVENUE Models Academy, you will learn the modelling techniques used by highly experienced models who have at least over two years experience. You will be prepared for anything from an audition to a runway fashion show.  With our training and instruction by fashion industry experts and top working models, you’ll learn to be the best model that you can be.
We don’t just train you…we take you on a journey of uncovering the best in you and providing the best possible training for your success with creativity and fun in a professional manner.  We keep our classes small to a maximum of 6 per class so as to ensure that all students have ample practice and attention.
Curriculum: – Introduction to the modelling industry and being prepared for it,Professional Modeling & Psychology for Success, Style It Up, Pose Management, Catwalk Training, Runway Practice, Mastering The Runway, FINALS”

The prize is worth 8.000 Linden. Places 1 to 3 will receive a huge choice of the event hats.

Questions? Please contact Quan Lavender or Annough Lykin.

See you on Monday!


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