VERSUS HIGH MODELLING INSTITUTE Beginning of the courses!!!!



Versus High Modeling Institute continues to expand its specialized and professional training by opening two new higher-level courses (limited places)

_____Courses start in January_____

◄SHOW ASSISTING : Hosting and Streaming for fashion shows (english)
A course designed for those who would like to start a career in the fashion industry as Host and DJ. Previous knowledge in music streaming and Djing is recommended, but assistance will also be provided in custom tutoring for Sam Broadcaster users. You must already own a music streaming software, a music library, headphones and microphone in order to attend classes and pass your practical exam.

◄ MASTER DE ESTILISMO (en español)
Reconocer Tendencias y estructurar tu propio fondo de armario para adaptarlo a tu estilo.
Enseñamos los conocimientos básicos para trabajar y relacionarse con la industria de la Moda en SL, asÍ como ampliar su capacidad de trabajo y desarrollar sus conceptos para saber escoger las técnicas y recursos que comunique lo que quiere expresar o interpretar desde su propia perspectiva.
Ampliar el conocimiento de las Nuevas Tendencias y reinventar las que ya están. Se hara un pequeño brief de todo para ver el Nivel del grupo o posibles alumnas(os).
La idea es partir todas del mismo nivel, buscando que tengan una mente mas abierta de las Tendencias : Adaptación, Visión y Evolución.

_________ Courses starting in March_______________

◄ Modelling Course Spanish and English
VERSUS HIGH MODELLING INSTITUTE, is a model academy dedicated to the high level teaching and to the ones who’s interested in joining the modeling fashion world and fashion shows. Its primary goal is to give the student a complete knowledge with basic concepts, technical aspects and current vision of the Fashion Star System.
We know that the practice means a lot and it’s quite important in a modeling career, for this reason we ask to our students some specialized and practical workshops concerning the fashion world.
At the end of the course our student will reach the required level for modeling and be able to understand the different styles that can be required in future job or casting, they will also reach a general point of view of all the activities that follow the Second Life fashion world, helping them in find the best strategy for achieving their own goals.
All this will be offered by our best international models, top models from the best agencies in SL and with extensive and proven experience in the field of education.

◄ Photoshop and Photography Seminar English and Spanish
The course will have 5 levels:
1- Basic knowledge of photography in SL. Graphic configuration preferences and the use of advanced lighting at sl.
2- Images resolution and file types for optimal working base.
3- Learn the basics of Photoshop. Introduction to the tools and practical functionality.
4- Learn how to set up your work environment, open files and perform various editing functions (Editing a photo cropping it, duplicating and adding external elements). Examples of editing in the world of artistic photography and blog on Second Life.
5- Understand the color correction, layers, levels, blends, masks, actions, brushes. File types and important information related to the work in Second Life.
After classes, a final task will be given to ensure that each student learned the necessary tools and knowledge for success in their work with Photoshop editing tools.

Versus Staff


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